Monday, March 7, 2011

Hope comes from Despair

I wrote this freewrite in response to a similar freewrite I read about good vs. evil and hope vs. despair.
The freewrite I read about actually leads into my own freewrite, where hope always comes into scenarios of despair to save the day. The scene depicted Aragorn and company journeying into the Land (Paths?) of the Dead in sheer desperation to prevent the Orcs from winning the Battle of Pelennor Fields. The journey is filled with peril and despair but is necessary to do in the hopes that they will get more help in defeating Sauron. Because of this journey, hope rises from despair to win the battle for the humans. This coincides with the theme I talked about in my previous freewrite; Tolkien gives victory to the heroes only after they have suffered from despair. (In my freewrite) Theoden gives hope, but is then slain, which causes despair. Only after the good side has despaired over their losses does the Lord of the Nazgul get killed. Also, the good side takes heavy losses and is in danger of being destroyed when Aragorn comes in to save the day. The eagles (and Gandalf), who only come in at the last minute (or when its necessary), are a good example of the "deux ex machina" style of hope rising to save the day in the very end, even though everything up to the end may have been filled with despair.

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