Monday, March 7, 2011

Freewrite-Hope and Despair of the Messenger

Here is another one of my free-writes from last Thursday:

The messenger from Gondor represents both hope and despair for both the Rohirrim and the men of Gondor. Upon meeting Theoden at his encampment, the messenger presents a red tipped arrow which symbolizes Gondor's call for aid. The fact that Theoden knows of Gondor's struggles hastens his ride to war and conveys new hope for the reader. However, it also highlights the Gondor is desperate for assistance. The second time Theoden encounters the red arrow messenger, he finds him dead outside the realm of the Woses. The messenger's inability to reach Gondor with Theoden's message illustrates Sauron's new control over the area. Once again, this emphasizes Minas Tirith's desperation in the face of evil. It is only Gandalf's white light that can spur Theoden to war after the dismal scene of the messenger.

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Elendil said...

Nice! I like your attention to the messenger of Gondor as a symbol and a thematic device. I never would have thought about that