Monday, March 7, 2011

Desperation and Despair

Below is a freewrite about the balance of hope and despair in LotR and how Tolkien changes hope to despair and vice versa on a whim.

Throughout the battle of Pelennor fields there is a significant feeling of despair as it becomes apparenty that the heros are under siege and that the Orcs will surely win. However, this changes whn Theoden arrives with the Rohirrim to suprise attack from the side. Then, hope changes to despair again when Theoden is struck down. The despair changes back again to a feeling of hope when the lord of the Ringwraiths is slain. Tolkien uses the battle between hope and despair as a great factor in the battle between good and evil. When hope is lost, the enemy is always great in number or power; the head of the enemy's power is usually broken when the side of good regains hope and attacks the enemy again to finish the battle. The feeling of hope also comes with Aragorn returns from the Land of the Dead (Paths of the Dead? I can't remember) to finish off the Orcs. Forces of evil also always have the ability to inspire hopelessness and despair just by being nearby and the forces of good always have to call upon some inner strength to raise the hope and morale of the other soldiers and destroy the evil in front of them. The mere appearance of the evil characters are always black, twisted, and unknown; people cannot see them for what the really are, which makes them appear more scary.

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