Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Choices and Consequences- Aragorn!

I decided to write an Aragorn-themed response to Dr. Donovan's post, since Aragorn is my favorite ever :) . This feels a little like those "What If...?" history novels...

I first want to address the #10 scenario, in which Gandalf, rather than Aragorn, leads the Company through the Paths of the Dead. The first obvious fact is that Tolkien would have needed some seriously clever writing to get around the fact that the Dead were bound to Isildur, and thus exclusively to Isildur's heir. If they had somehow sworn allegiance to Gandalf, that oath would not have been fulfilled. Further, the army of the dead (along with the other reinforcements that accompany Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli on the black ships) acts as a saving grace at the end of the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Without this victory, the end of the Company's story, particularly the attack of Mordor, would have unfolded in a completely different way. Lastly, being an Aragorn fan, I can't help but point out that Gandalf has had many moments of glory up to this point-- so it's Aragorn's turn to act kingly and awesome!

The second scenario is #14, in which Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli accompany the hobbits back to the Shire. This would have spared us the heartbreaking segment where the Fellowship is broken for good...I admit, I never wanted the Fellowship to end! However, I think that such a scenario would somehow have involved Aragorn giving up the crown of Gondor; how could he be King of Gondor but operate out of the Shire, or leave Gondor right after the coronation? Even more important, though, is the fact that the Scouring of the Shire would have been taken out of the hobbits' hands. I doubt that any of the hobbits would have taken wartime initiative if a wizard, a king, and two warriors had been there to lead the attacks. This is the hobbits' moment to be heroes, to win the respect of their own people, and to demonstrate the bravery they've acquired. Once again, the other characters have had their glory, and now we want to see the hobbits step it up!

MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF THIS POST: In the Return of the King video game for Gamecube (that's just my console, but I think PS2 as well), you can create these scenarios, hehe. I can testify that it's great fun to lead Gandalf through the Paths of the Dead! Or Sam, or Pippin, etc. I think one of my favorites was taking Faramir through Shelob's lair :) :) :) .

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Elwing said...

I totaly agree! Aragorn needs the chance to fulfil his destiny and make up for Isildur's wrongs. Gandalf could not have lead them into the Paths of the Dead anyway because he was at Minas Tirith commanding Gondor, saving Faramir, and protecting Pippin. Aragorn is the only one who could inspire the men to follow him into the darkness of the mountain.