Monday, February 21, 2011

Trust Gollum?

Although, Gollum is a bad guy Frodo and Sam did not have any other choice. There was no one else to guide them through Mordor and they would have wandered for a very long time but Sam was wise in keeping a close eye on Gollum. Gollum wasn't on anybody's side and would quickly betray them to get the ring. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Belladonna Took said...

Besides the fact that Frodo needed a guide, I think Frodo needed to trust Gollum for Frodo’s own sake. Gollum use to be Sméagol, an individual that is very much relatable to Frodo (both hobbit-like). If Frodo cannot trust Gollum, then what hope does Frodo have to ever be free from the corruption of the ring? The part of Gollum that use to be (Sméagol) is the only hope Frodo has to remain as Frodo (and not Gollum himself). So, I guess what I am saying is that if Frodo cannot trust Gollum, then how can Frodo trusts himself? If Gollum is an enemy, then what does that mean about Frodo's future? Frodo needs Gollum to be trusted as a guide both literally and mentally. If Gollum can be recovered and trusted, then Gollum is both Frodo’s guide to Mordor and his guide and hope to combat the corruption of the ring.

Elwing said...

I think Frodo shows Gollum more respect then someone else, say Sam, because of the influence of Gandalf. Way back in "Fellowship" Frodo says that he wished Bilbo had killed Gollum. Gnadalf explains that Bilbo felt pity for him and so spared his life. Gandalf also hints that Gollum has some other big part to play even if no one can know what it is. Partly in respect for Gandalf's memory (remember Frodo thinks he is dead) Frodo keeps Gollum close and does not kill him. Frodo himself feels pity for Gollum.