Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tolkien Parodies

Although the stories about Middle-earth are a (fairly) young body of literature, they have produced a great many parodies or amusing alternate versions. From the Very Secret Diaries to Bored of the Rings and even a video from VeggieTales (I own the full version should anyone wish to borrow this!), hilarious spoofs on Tolkien's work have been making us laugh since the 1960's.

But what might these parodies offer us Tolkien Scholars--if anything? What does their satire imply? Can these texts be reverent and appreciative of Tolkien's literature while still being funny?

Please post links to any other Tolkien parodies you know and love, but especially please tell us why this parody adds to (or takes away from) not only the vast corpus of excellent literature J.R.R. Tolkien produced, but the very world he has created.


Haleth said...

Any parody is going to be a simplified version of something. But, it can really help exaggerate a work's strengths and/or weaknesses. I think they can be helpful to us to see what part of Lord of the Rings really stands out to people. It's like a caricature. They show what is most prominent about something. If you want to know why LotR is so loved or hated, read fanfics and watch parodies.

Thengel said...

This happens to be one of my favorite parodies of all time ;) .

Elendil said...

I adore these and other parodies, and I am always so glad that the LOTR fan community doesn't take itself so seriously that they can't have a laugh at their own expense every so once and a while. Also, the fact that someone wants to take the time and effort to make these parodies is also exciting to me. I hope that these and other parodies keep LOTR in our insane pop culture for years to come! XD