Saturday, February 12, 2011


Although almost all of the races sacrifice something to fight, the hero usually makes the most sacrifice. Many did lose their lives, but Frodo was also willing to risk his. He gave up his home,family, friends, and one of his fingers to save the world.The key part, mainly what makes him a hero, is his voluntary self-sacrificing attitude.


Miriel said...

Yeah, Frodo is awesome and all, but what about Sam and everyone else fighting against Sauron? I think they made the same amount of sacrifice. Frodo is in a very hard position because he is the ring bearer, but everyone else is going to defend him with their lives. And at least he can just slip on the ring when the going gets tough. (jk). But no, I am firmly sticking the the fact that everyone in the Company (and many others outside the Company, although not as extreme) is putting at stake everything they've got, just as much as Frodo.

Haleth said...

I agree with Miriel. Frodo wouldn't have gotten to the top of Mount Doom without Sam. He might have volunteered to take the ring to Mordor but had he not had all the help he did, he would not have been successful.
Also, you mentioned Frodo leaving his family and friends. I don't think that is too true. His best friends went with him and he didn't care much for his family--other than Bilbo--from what I can remember.

Elladan said...

Although I totally agree that Frodo willingly sacrificed almost everything in his life in order to destroy the ring, I'm not sure that EVERYTHING he sacrificed was indeed totally voluntary. In the end, the Ring did claim and entirely corrupt him. Even after his enormous journey and struggle, he could not bear to physically part with the Ring when the time came. In the end, it took Gollum separating Frodo from the Ring (and his finger) to destroy it for good.