Monday, February 21, 2011

Merry and Pippin

Merry and Pippin's decision to march to Isingard was one of the most important decisions in the mode.It was hard blow to Saraumon and definitely gave frodo ans Sam an advantage. Also, Gondor and Rohan may have not been able to hold off any more Orcs ,which would not have enabled Frodo and Sam to get past Mordor's doors.


Radagast said...

I agree. I really think Merry and Pippin are pivitol characters in the LOTR. I particualarly like the contrast between Merry and Pippin and the Ents. We've had this common trend throughout our readings that little people can do big things. Merry and Pippin are little, not only in size but they are also just about to come of age so they are still young for hobbits. Even though they are so young and little though, they awake one of the oldest, biggest, strongest powers in Middle Earth. It's just amazing to see these contrasts of the young/ancient and small/large. Then, it's the small young ones who must wake up and muster the force of the old and powerful.

Elendil said...

definitely! I love Merry and Pippen and their "unlikely hero" status, especially since they are the most unlikely of the unlikely heroes. This is one of the things that I loved most about LOTR: that little people making decisions based on innocent motivations (ie: concern for their friends rather than concern for the world) that can change the course of history