Saturday, February 12, 2011

The hero saves the world, but who saves the hero?

Even though Frodo is strong willed and brave hearted Sam proves to be probably the most important character in the book because he saves Frodo's life numerous lives.From Gollum, Boromir's brother, giant spiders, and orcs. Let's be honest, the hero of the story, Frodo , would have died a lot sooner if it wasn't for Sam's die hard loyalty.


Anonymous said...

Typo; lives is suppose to be times.

Miriel said...

Yes, this is true. We notice it a lot more with Frodo because he is the most important character, but all the characters are saved by someone or something throughout the book. It is crazy how much everyone relies on someone else at one time or another.

Theodred said...

I would agree that it is interesting to see how the members of the Fellowship rely so much on each other. It seems that Tolkien might be attempting to show the value of companionship, trust, and loyalty. While there is the example of Sam helping Frodo, I am also reminded of the way that Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli attempted to find Merry and Pippin after the Fellowship was broken.