Monday, February 14, 2011

Frodo and Isildur

Compare and contrast the stories of Frodo and Isildur. It's probably obvious how they are different, but consider also how are they alike.

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Belladonna Took said...

Frodo, in a sense, is finishing the adventure that Isildur started. Isildur cut the ring from Sauron, thus defeating the Dark Lord (temporarily). This victory could have been complete if Isildur would have thrown the ring into the fires of Mount Doom. However, the ring had too much power over him to let him do so. Isildur is later ambushed by orcs and killed the Gladden Fields. The ring was lost for a while.
Frodo must destroy the ring to defeat Sauron permanently, but Frodo was also corrupted by the ring (it took more time though). He could not cast it into the fires of Mount Doom through will power alone. Then, Gollum ambushed Frodo. This ambush, unlike Isildur’s ambush, did not result in Frodo’s death. Instead, it resulted in the destruction of the ring and the death of Gollum. Both Frodo and Isildur were corrupted by the ring to the point where they could not destroy it by their own free will. Both were ambushed; Isildur died, while Frodo lived. In Isildur’s ambush, the ring was lost, while in Frodo’s ambush, the ring was destroyed. Isildur and Frodo had some similar experiences, but the outcomes greatly differed.