Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DIfferent Points of View

I think today's Council of Elrond exercise was very instrumental in helping solidify the characters of the books. There are many different characters throughout the books with their own unique points of view, and it may be hard to keep them all straight. Going through each character's motivations really helps to better understand their actions later in the story as well as better appreciate Tolkien's works of art. He really took the time to craft each character with their own personality, motivation, and quirks. I think it is really cool that there are little to no stock characters in the books.


Elendil said...

I totally agree! It was fun, also, thinking about how these characters would interact even when they canonically have no scenes together (an example being Sauron et al and, say, the Elves). It was a great exercise and character exploration. Also kind of hilarious

Radagast said...

I really enjoyed the council of Elrond exercise! I thought it helped to solidify some of the characters and their points of view, like Elwing said. I also found it very interesting to try to think like one of the characters. It helped to make me realize moreso all of the thoughts that were going through their minds. When just reading the book, sometimes I just take things as they are and don't look deeper, but it was very fun to actually put myself in their shoes!

Theodred said...

I thought the exercise was quite interesting as well. Hearing the views from characters that were not originally present in the Council of Elrond made me start to wonder what would have happened if those characters had been present in the original council. Would the Ring have actually been given to Evil? Or is it possible that the same path would have been taken anyway?