Saturday, January 29, 2011

Natural vs Supernatural

I know this is a little delayed but I wanted to expand on what we discussed in class on Tuesday.

I think one reason Tolkien's work is so fascinating is that the majority of the things he bases his stories off of are natural. Most of the things in Middle Earth are things we have heard of before. The setting is composed of basic landscapes: mountains, forests, and plains. However, it's the creatures in Middle Earth that are supernatural. Apart from adding a few different races to the stories, most of the creatures are just supernatural versions of animals we already know about. Eagles are huge and regal, spiders are also huge and vicious, and even though we haven't gotten there yet--Ents are talking trees. Even though Tolkien alters the size or abilities of these things, we know the general behaviors of these creatures because we have certain ideas and connotations that we relate to each of them.

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Miriel said...

It is interesting to me, that the creatures that aren't based off of nature are goblins, orcs, etc.... evil! Most of the creatures based off of real nature, are for the most part good, or neutral.