Thursday, January 27, 2011

Merlyn's Freewrite

Gollum could represent how power can corrupt even the kindest of souls. Representative of human nature's greatest flaws. If a person gets in a position of power but does not share the power they become corrupt, somewhat evil, and paranoid of others. Some will get to the point that they trick or isolate themselves from others because the power is all that matters. This is clearly seen in gollum. The ring is power and it becomes so much more important to him that he decides to go live in a cave isolated from other creatures of people. After changing into gollum, he no longer cared for the comforts of a home and regular meals that he did as a hobbit. Although he still cares for basic food, his entire existence centers around the ring, constantly paranoid that someone will take it from him. He is so concerned he does anything to get it back, like he did when he chased Bilbo in the cave.This ambition for power is seen in human leaders such as napoleon throughout human history.

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Radagast said...

I totally agree with this, and I think that it's interesting that we see a parallel in the Hobbit. When Thorin is back under the mountain and has his treasures and power back, he is not willing to share it with anyone, even if part of it is rightly theirs or if someone helped him to retrieve it (although he is going to split is with Bilbo and the other dwarves). I think you are absolutely right that power and treasure can corrupt a person, even a decent person, until they don't care about anything else. And really is it worth it? I mean, sure they have the treasure, but like someone said in class, they can't take it with them when they die. It becomes useless to them.