Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bilbo's Luck

In The Hobbit, Bilbo enjoys an incredible streak of luck. Is it possible that Bilbo's "luck" (which kept him on the right path) was something much more? If so, what was it that kept him on the right path?


Aredhel said...

I thought Grant brought up a really interesting point in class the other day...There was no quest to find the Ring. Bilbo randomly stumbles upon it(call it good or bad luck...). As much power as the Ring has in "wanting to be found" or trying to make its way back to its master, there is something in Tolkien's books that has even more power than this magic ring. Megan mentioned Manwe as the divine being in class, and how he was perhaps a driving force behind the eagles always saving the day in the nick of time. Maybe Manwe is also responsible for Bilbo's "luck" and tying Frodo's and Bilbo's destinies to the Ring.

Miriel said...

I would like to point out that the journey in The Hobbit, and in the LOTR, is very eventful with many obstacles that are put their by the author to make it an exciting story. Tolkien could have had a purpose for making Bilbo "lucky", or he could have just made things always turn out right because he had to keep the story going. As an author you can't bore your audience with no action, but you also can't bore them with horrible actions that never get resolved. I would also say that Frodo is a pretty lucky person too. Or Tolkien just needed to make him like that to keep the story moving along.